Is this a multi-day event?

No. The relay will be completed in a single day, giving teams the opportunity to enjoy the amenities of Heber Valley!

Will there be age categories for the women’s relay?

No,we will not have age categories like a traditional race or event. Instead, awards will be given to the first 3 finishing teams and one to the team with the best costume.

With “Memorial Hill,” are the legs still 3 mile segments?

Yes, each leg of the event is 3 miles +/-.5 mile depending on exchange locations.

When do I need to have my full team nailed down?

We will need to know the complete team  by the time registration closes which is approximately 2 days prior to the event.

What is the minimum age for team members?

The minimum age is 12 years old.

Is there a minimum number of legs each runner must complete?

Each runner will have to complete at least 3 legs.

If for some reason a runner can’t do one of their legs can another team member run it for them?

If a participant cannot complete one of their legs another team member may finish any of the unfinished legs. For awards, the team will be adjusted based on the number of team members who completed at least 3 legs.

Does the order that we run the legs matter?

Order doesn’t matter as long as each participant runs their minimum number of legs (3.)

What is the start time and will there be a staggered start?

The start time is 7:30 AM.  Depending on the number of teams we may go with a staggered start, lasting between thirty-minutes and an hour. Team captains will be contacted soon to get estimated finish times for the teams.

Are there bathrooms at each exchange stop?

No, bathrooms will only be at the major exchanges (1, 4, 8, 11 and 14).  There will be two portable restrooms at each major exchange.

What type of race support can we expect?

There will be some snack food, water, Heed, and restrooms at each of the major exchanges (Exchange #’s 1, 4, 8, 11, 14.) The snacks will be given to runners of the respective leg in a goody bag (to help you stay on the run and maintain mobility!)   Support will only be at those major exchange area.

Will there be cut off times?

Cut off for finishing the event is 6:00pm

What kind of vehicle we can bring and can we use more than one?

We encourage teams to work from one vehicle, since one vehicle really is sufficient and it helps to keep the teams together.. Due to the size of some of the parking areas, motorhomes are not permitted.

What will there be after the race for the athletes?

Every athlete will get several things including a t-shirt, finisher medal, finish line meal/food, music, etc… Not to mention the pure glory of being a Woman of Steel!