New to Running?

Welcome to Coreterra Racing,

Thinking about your first ½ marathon? We’re super stoked that you’ve chosen Coreterra Racing to help get you on your way! Whether you’re a first timer or seasoned athlete, Coreterra Racing has your race experience covered.

Just a little history of who we are and why we feel Coreterra Racing is the perfect fit for you

Coreterra Racing was created by runners for runners. Although the Coreterra name is new, we’ve been producing other events in the state of UT for over 20 years.Coreterra Racing is committed to the safety of our athletes


Course logistics

Deserted in the desert? Not with Coreterra Racing! We’ve managed everything from Triathlons, Gran Fondos, 201 mile overnight relays, and have consulted for some of the largest endurance companies around.
A big part of any event is making sure we do everything we can to keep athletes safe and on course. From taped courses, chuted turn points, to using our 3 point contact methods at course shifts, we have you covered. We like to say the only way you’ll veer off course would be from tears of joy because you’re having such a rad time with us!

Attention to detail and production value

After producing some of the largest USAT National Championship events and being in the industry for over 15 years, we have a few tricks up our sleeves! We know that this sport can get expensive and we’re committed to giving you our best. We firmly feel that after your 1st Coreterra event, you’ll see the difference we bring to the Utah market and the sport.

Passion is our reason

Anyone ever ask you why you do what you do?
From the first email exchange to meeting you face to face at the race, we LOVE what we do. You’d be hard pressed to find a team more passionate about events than we are.
We love building the best events to make you feel alive!

If you’re new to running and still have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask away. We’d love to hear from you!